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Blue Shoe

Color & Learn with Lemonade

Looking for a creative way to help your kids learn at home. Children from Pre-school to middle school can learn great life and business basics with this coloring book. Your child will learn how to set up their lemonade stand, buy for their lemonade stand and calculate sales. The learning is both fun and educational, mixing a child's creative side with math and organization skills. Great fun for kids and parents on a hot sunny day.

Little Sue's

Pink & Blue Shoes

This is a fun rhyming book with easy words for beginners. It is a fun story about problem solving and adventure. Great for parents to read to children as they are learning word families and small words.  Kids quickly begin to find other words that rhyme with the ones in the book.

Baby Frog's Big Bounce

This book is about a fun adventure of some frog siblings.  Each step along the way they have fun and learn how to get out of trouble together. The kids will even learn a classic song, "Three Little Fishies."

Ah! Ah! Ah!

The Attack

This is a great true story written from the eyes of a six-year-old.  The words and pictures were created by her.  Kids will enjoy the adventure and the humor in this book.  The sentences and words used are from the head of your average six-year-old that loves to tell stories. Great way to inspire kids to write stories from their lives. Enjoy!

Nickels & Newlyweds

Jason Taylor, a certified CFP in Colorado, shares his tips and secrets to financial harmony for newlyweds.

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