Invite Jason to speak at your next event! Topics:

  • Legacy Planning.  Leaving a lasting support for the causes you believe in and creating a continued belief in Philanthropy to future generations.
  • Nickles and Newlyweds.  Have the important financial discussions in the beginning of a relationship. Build a stronger bond and foundation for years of marriage ahead.
  • Employee Retention Strategies – Want to keep those employees you have spent valuable time and money training? Add low cost benefits to your company to keep high end employees
  • NO SCHOOL DEBT for my KID! Learn great tools to build your wealth and prepare for your children to attend a college or university and not graduate strapped in debt. Start Now Start Early!
  • Why We Plan to Plan. Everyone knows that your chances of success in any project is vastly more likely if you go in with a plan. However more than 60% of Americans do not have a written financial plan, but plan to someday.
  • Woman Investors Series.  Why every woman should be armed with the knowledge to take care of her own finances

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