“Turn that frown upside down.”

One of Jason’s favorite quotes—and in a nutshell, his goal for each person, couple, and family he works with. Having a financial plan in place and a trusted financial planner who’s got your back will put a smile on your face!

Here are some resources to get you started…

Feeling overwhelmed?

values-based-financial-planning-lgproductIn Values-based Financial Planning, Bill Bachrach introduces 5 proven steps to make the process simple, effective, and yes, even fun! Jason gives each of his clients a free copy of this book; and uses its wisdom and success to help them create their “happy ever after,” financially speaking that is.

Here are Your First Steps:

    • Identify your values.
    • Set your goals.
    • Benchmark your current financial reality.
    • Create a Financial Roadmap.
    • Educate yourself or seek an advisor to guide you in creating and implementing a plan. (We know a guy…)

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